Oct 31, 2007

Somebody..ehem..might want this

What is it about doughnuts? We love 'em. This one's a USB drive, and it looks so scrumptiously delicious with its shiny chocolate glaze, you might have a hard time not taking a bite out of it. It's made by Redismo, a Chinese company whose creations you may have seen before, such as a miniature hamburger-shaped USB drive, or one that looks like a tiny loaf of bread. We'll give you a sneak preview: Coming up for November, the company has USB drives shaped like whiskey bottles, safety helmets, bowling pins and light bulbs. But for now, you can get this USB drive for just $3.63, that is, if you buy 500 of them. Right now, we feel like we could eat 500 of them. [Valvalo, via Technabob]

geng2 Homer Simpson musti dah terliur dah ni..d'uh! :P
from gizmodo.com!

Oct 30, 2007

Probot_x + Faranoid = Probonoid

Selamat beb, selamat...!
Rock terus rock! (Jgn biarkan gue rock sorg2)

Pasangan bahagia merpati dua sejoli. ecewah.


Selepas makan kenduri di rumah pengantin, 3 org Angkasawan dan 2 Flight Participants di dalam kapal angkasa berwarna merah itu sempat juga bersiar2 di town metropolitan Setiawan dan singgah di Lumut melepak2 sambil menikmati udara laut di tengahari rembang.

*Co-Pilot dan 2 Flight Participants sedang berehat dan berlagak seperti samseng Kampung Dusun sehingga menyebabkan couple yg berada di situ terus chow kerana takut di apa2 kan.

*Pilot utama sedang mencari ikan duyung untuk di bawa balik ke kl tetapi yang ade hanyalah seorang auntie sedang memancing bersama suaminya. Seorang lagi Angkasawan (Mr. Shah) tiada di dalam gambar kerana telah dimakan 3 ekor dolphin yg kelaparan.

Letih macam sayur
baek punyer bila sampai kl, but it was coool trip nevertheless ...!

p/s: All Angkasawan + Flight Participants shown here are straight men! :P

Oct 27, 2007

The cycle

thirst - action - regret
thirst - action - regret
thirst - action - regret

repeat repeat repeat

need to find
a damn good cure
for this curse

The Crystal Method : Blowout

Oct 20, 2007

Rob Dougan - Furious Angels

just discovered mamat nih, Rod Dougan aka Rob D, best known for lagu Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Variation) dlm cite The Matrix dulu. (scene lady in the red dress tu, tak ingat?)
ha ah.. lambat beberapa tahun tapi better late than never org kata. . hehe..
Currently on repeat & shuffle in my winamp. Classical / Orchestral / Symphonic + Electronica? Entah. Tapi yg penting layan sey.

Soundtrack musim raya tahun ni.

Rating : 9.5 Trinity punyer leather suit.

Oct 12, 2007

Besok raya

Selamat beb, selamat...

10.45pm, 121007

Oct 7, 2007

My obscure objects of desire - latest addition

The Yamaha Tesseract concept for Tokyo Motor Show is not a motorcycle. Because it's way more awesome than a motorcycle.

Featuring 4 wheels for enhanced stability, the frame is apparently still not much bigger than a normal bike. And somewhere in there fits two different engines, one gasoline of undisclosed size and another electrical (to dual impress biker chicks and eco babes, though probably offering some impressive performance payoffs as well). The important note to remember is that the Tesseract is not a motorcycle. Please spread the word and make sure every wife knows it while we pray Yamaha actually puts the...vehicle...into production.

We're also hoping to see the Tesseract transform into a Gundam robot and fulfill its true destiny. [autoblog]

perghhhh................. gue mau satu.