Jul 26, 2008

One Day As A Lion

Its the new materials from brader Zack De La Rocha (with ex Mars Volta Drummer) :
One Day As A Lion EP
Hes still capable of spitting poetic bullets just like old time woi....jgn memain!
Boleh layan sementara tunggu the next RATM release.. if any.heh.

"it's better to live one day as a lion, than a thousand years as a lamb."


Jul 20, 2008

Trengganu: Mercedes purchase was a cost cutting measure!

BN state Terengganu has procured 14 units of the Mercedes-Benz E200K at a price of RM3.43 million (RM245K each?) to replace the Proton Perdana V6 Executive state exco cars that was purchased in 2004. The new E200Ks will be used by the state exco members, state assembly speaker, secretary, legal adviser and finance officer.

Terengganu State Secretary Datuk Mokhtar Nong said the state felt the E200K was better for the long term compared to the Perdana V6 as the maintenance costs were lower. Terengganu MB Datuk Ahmad Said said that the Perdana V6 was not suitable for continuous long-distance journeys as they were coughing up alot of money maintaining the car, especially the gearbox.

The MB used state exco Toh Chin Yaw’s Perdana V6 as an example to prove his point. The Perdana V6 was claimed to have burned RM50k in repairs in the past 3 years. He did not go into details on what exactly needed to be repaired that needed that sum of money, and where the repair works were performed.

from paultan.org.

Okeeeey..... we believe you. seriously.
Ubah gaya hidup kata PM..yeah whatever.. kepimpinan melalui tauladan.

The rare few

Once in a while among all the emails we received everyday, just a selected few stand out and tug your heartstrings (wow..big word) in an instance. Today i got one thot i share it with you. This one is from a friend/ colleague who took some time off from work few months back to take care of her parents. Unfortunately her parents passed away last month and shes back in the office to clear some backlogged stuff. Im sure everybody feel weird and dont exactly know how to react around her now... She send out this very nice email;
From: Anitha Hamid [mailto:anitha.hamid@peoplepotential.com]
Sent: Monday, July 21, 2008 9:21 AM
Subject: Tips on how to be around Anitha

Hi all,

I thought I’d write you guys as I think some of you may not know what to do or what to say…

You basically don’t need to say anything. I think there are situations that bring about feelings and emotions that words can’t quite convey, for which words have not yet been created for, and this is one of them. Having said that, please feel free to mumble a “I’m sorry for your loss” if it helps. That line still does not make sense to me, but as I have no better alternative at this point, it’ll have to do!

I do want you to know, that I have felt your prayers and your love help me through this time of my life. And I still feel them coming my way. Thank you.

I also need to warn you that in the coming weeks that I am in PP (at this point it looks like till end August, before I take time off to stat work on my mum’s project) I may suddenly burst into tears. Sometimes it’s a few tears gently rolling down my cheeks silently – quite elegant I must say. At other times, unfortunately, it is not a pretty sight.

AND it may happen in public - as I recently experienced in a nasi kandar restaurant in batu road.

AND anything can trigger them. I cry for things I have done with my parents that I will never do again in this lifetime. And I also cry for the things I never got to do…

Just as you have welcomed my laughter, please give space for my tears - don’t need to say or do anything - if I want to talk about it, I will. Please don’t be afraid of them and please don’t worry about me, because ultimately, I had one of the most wonderful and amazing journeys of my life.

See you later!

p/s If we have the time and a few of you want to, maybe we can do a lunch and share.


I dont know about you, but for me that is something.

Jul 17, 2008

Missing in action

3 black t-shirts, size mens small. dah 2 bulan tak sampai2... confirm sangkut kastam. kalau ade nampak sape2 pakai t-shirt2 ni, try tanya mane dia dpt. USD24.50 tuuu...
Lain kali jangan beli baju hantu2 kat internet.
Masyarakat tak suka suma budaya kuning barat nih. Ko pakai baju hantu, ko sampah masyarakat. Ko kaki pompuan, kaki kencing org, makan duit haram etc. takpe.. janji ko pakai smart!

Jul 14, 2008

Selamat beb, selamat..!(Part 2)

*maz irwan & eni, stewan perak 12/07/08

*gambar hiasan- jumpa area sawah padi yg cool on the way ke kenduri!

Jul 11, 2008

Friday ritual

mari layan nasik lemak kukus + ayam goreng panas kat pasar malam taman desa tetiap hari Jumaat...in celebration of the coming weekend.nyum.nyum! (tapi harga dah naik jadi 4 hengget sebungkus skang..deng..)


Jul 9, 2008

Last weekend opis getaway - PNB Ilham Resort, PD

*cam best jek...
*view from tower.. low tide
*air naik balik petang
*sempoi gak apartment ni...
*makan apa la agak2 lunch jap lagik ni...
*act natural..act natural..not!
*the crew : settle belasah lunch sebelom chow balik


#bape lama nak meeting daaaa.....
#Tak sempat layan recreational park + rumah api Tanjung Tuan
kat sebelah
#makan so-so ajek
#masuk balik opis hari senin keje byk...duh.

#fully sponsored trip huhu
#apartment sempoi
#resort dekat gile dgn pantai & org pon tak ramai
#the whole company of nice people
#'open space' meeting approach is quite interesting
#lost hope for PD a few years back but now i know theres still a cool place in PD!

sape2 nak g jom.. tontong.. cam best la plak nak pergi lagi skali...!
PNB Ilham Resort

Jul 3, 2008

Hari ini dalam sejarah (part 2)

never thot this day will come -50 positive feedback on ebay.. bintang kaler biruu..wuhuhuhuhu...!

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