Mar 31, 2008

Headbang Fest @ Skizo Studio

It might not have the most expensive equipment or the most glamorous big buck concert settings,
it did have TONS of
pure raw adrenaline and DIY spirits ...
with lots of sweat and good clean fun!!!

Shout out to Micro Music Crew (Mika/Zam/Imran), Empty Mind, Lethal Doses, Broken Limousine and of coz Nrocinu..
Tx for the good time, bros!


hari ni tengkuk sakit lagik camner nak start buat report ni? huhu...

Mar 29, 2008


Deng.. minggu2 ni terasa begitu pack siut. Pektis & the actual gig for Musik2, UPM and Skizo Headbang Fest on top of the usual work stuff. The coming monday i need to go for a strategic team meeting of some sort before Targets Meeting and Quarterly Performance Meeting. Materials need to be packed, boxes need to be send out, reports need to be done. DUH. Lebam..Lebam.

im gonna reward myself with a pair of Converse Leather Chuck Taylor if i survive all this in one piece! Argh!

*muka poyo sekor2 dapat salam Cheryl Samad . Makcik2 yg pengsan kerana terperanjat tgk aksi di atas stage sebentar tadi tidak kelihatan.


have a good journey and enjoy jepang, siput san.

Mar 22, 2008

A Second Chance

His love is gone. In despair, he flung himself off the Golden Gate Bridge.
Coincidentally, a few yards away, a girl made her own suicide plunge.

The two passed in midair.
Their eyes met.
Their chemistry clicked.
It was true love.
They realized it.

Three feet above water.

-Jay Bonestell
From the book The World's Shortest Stories.
(A collection of short stories not more than 55 words. Ade kat Kinokuniya.. RM31.97 jek. Layan beb)

Mar 19, 2008

Ceweks Paris Van Java memang ganteng beb

oh yeah..gue baru balik dari Bandung trip gi jemputan kawen rakan se kantor ecewah... Missed out Incubus @ Sunburst KL that saturday 15 march for this trip but i pretty sure it was well worth it.

-Bandung city itself.
-cheap goood food.. (strawberi juice best!)
-kalau byk duit, memang syok layan shopping. Factory outlet belambak.
-first time layan spa; full body massage + scrub.. gue terasa begitu metrosexual sekali hahaha..
-Dinner @ Kg Daun.. (Tempat makan2 dalam hutan siap ade air terjun, gile cun)
-Wedding ceremony Bandung style memang interesting.
-Layan volcanic crater @ Tangkuban Parahu
-Ceweks2 Bandung yg kitorag came across sumenyer ganteng + so lemah lembut. waduh..cair beb!

-nak convert Rupiah ke Rm dalam kepala lembab bangat!
-public transport kat sini memang errr.. mencabar. Payah gak nak g memana jenjalan kalau tak sewa van + driver.
-harrested by the souvenirs peddlers @ Tangkuban Parahu.. potoong betui.
-tak sempat gi usha2 stuff local band/scene
-tak bwk duit byk nak shopping
-balik kl bleh demam kura plak....

*i lost my virginity to AirAsia... :P

Rating: 4.5 Pinggan Nasi Timbel out of 5 (boleh repeat!!)

Syahrul Azmi & Okky Bunga Arsianty... selamat beb..!

Mar 9, 2008

The tribe has spoken

My vote was one of the millions votes that changed our political landscape yesterday. I wasted my one vote last election by not bothering to go out and thought ala.. tak effect pon satu vote aku tu..but not this time around.
I think the current powerhouse is getting tooo comfortable/sloppy* about certain issues and its about time they got a deserving good hard kick.
was it the right choice?
we'll see.

Found somewhere : There's no point complaining this and that on internet blogs/mamak/chatroom/forum , etc. but not bothering to register as voter and go out voting. In others word, you dont really have the rights to say anything if you dont vote.
(amacam.. terasa di provoke tak? hehe..)

aahh...going to miss all the beautiful sights and colourful flags...

Malaysiakini still down. Goddeng!

*further discussion over teh tarik + roti sadin / cappucino + brownies secret recipe boleh diatur.

Mar 4, 2008


...i'm getting high on books again.

Mar 2, 2008

Project Kill Boredom settle

Armored Core: Rayleonard 03-Aaliyah fine scale 1/72 model kit siap dalam jangkamasa lebih cepat dari yg dibudget.

a) model kit ni kurang mencabar
b) aku yg terlebih terer
c) aku memang takde life sebenarnya
d) semua yg di atas

Project Kill Boredom 2 coming soon. (duh.)