Jun 28, 2008

Say hello to my little fren

Nama: Grammostola Rosea / Chilean Rose
Nama manja : Lucyfur
Sex: unsexed
Legspan: 2inch
Umur: blom sampai setahun jagung
Asal : Sentul (but originally from Atacama Dessert, Chile)
Makanan kegemaran : Lalat, nyamuk, kelkatu
Minuman Kegemaran : Air kosong
Hobi: Lepak, memikirkan masalah dunia, memanjat dinding

Pasangan idaman: sexy tapi beriman

forward all your lovemails/hatemails to perverdz@yahoo.com


Q: Aren't you afraid that your tarantulas will bite you and kill you? I don't like spiders. Icky yucky poo-poo!
A: No. Tarantulas have never killed anyone. The bite almost always harmless. Dogs and cats bite more commonly, and with more injurious (or deadly) consequences.

Q: Can you remove the Tarantula's fangs and venom so it can't get you?
A: No, it will die from an inability to eat, even if it were possible to remove them. There is no reason to do that. The tarantula doesn't want to "get you" anyway.

Q: Pesal tarantula?
A: Senang jaga, low maintenance, tahan lasak, tahan lama, almost odorless and of coz.. sebab tarantula is cool!

Such an amazing creature.. serius beb.

more infos:
American Tarantula Society
Malaysian Tarantula Society

Jun 23, 2008


Cam ni la horror nyer serangan anai-anai(ke ulat buku?). Lebih separuh dari collection buku2 aku yg ciput tu kena attack. Ni salah satu buku fav aku, The Giant Book Of Best New Horror (1993) beli dari kedai buku 2nd hand harga 10hengget. 3,4 buku jek dapt selamatkan, yg lain RIP termasuk la 2,3 bijik buku pinjam.. Isk..isk sedey siut......

Pengajarannya disini... selalu2 la usha collection buku2 korang tu. Make sure tiada tanda2 makhluk perosak sedang membina koloni.

Jun 21, 2008

Thats like... so deep, man...

What i got from the Family Reconciliation Workshop i attended this last 2 Saturdays (kena paksa pegi, boss suruh):

-Be an adult but keep in touch with your inner child.
-Emotions are neutral. Its the way you deal with it that sometimes can be good or bad.
-Learn to love yourself unconditionally. Thats where it all started.
-Try not to repeat the 'mistakes' your parents did to you
Each of us is unique in the sense that there has never been anyone like us before and never will be again.Celebrate that.
-When everything is gray, look for colours. When you lost you sense of humour, find it fast.
-Chicken foldover Mcd time lunch memang layan siut....

"The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain' -Kahlil Gibran

Rating : 2.5 * / 5*

Jun 19, 2008

Death Magnetic - Coming Soon

What we know:
-Metallica's 9th studio album
-Trujillo debut recording album with Metallica
-Produce by Rick Rubin (producing credit includes RHCP, SOAD, Slayer, Mars Volta, Danzig, Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Johnny Cash, Audioslave, Slipknot and err... Shakira among others)
-there will be a few songs up to 8 minutes (!)
-The promo Death Magnetic logo cool gak.. check out the magnet on letter 'D' and 'C'
-First single playable on Rock Band game soon
-Out September 2008

What we dont know:
it might SUCK big time just like St. Anger


Jun 18, 2008

New Killer - Sony Eric C905

Baru announced smalam walaupun dah seminggu dua gak leak. Panas.panas..panass.... 8MP beb..!
Google jgn tak google...

Jun 15, 2008

New Skin

Lucyfur the baby tarantula succesfully moulted for the first time today!

Jun 10, 2008

Black Tide - Light From Above

with band members all below the age of 20, the hype surrounding this band is as big as when Trivium exploded in to the scene a few years back. good old skool thrash/heavy metal stuff... The debut album - Light From Above generally got positive reviews all over the net. Not to bad. (Layan sebelom suma org pakai t-shirt Black Tide kat KL)

Black Tide - muka sekor2 macam budak baru lepas PMR

Seswai didgr ketika membasuh moto/baju/pinggan.

Other releases worth mentioning:
Coldplay - Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends
Raunchy - Wasteland Discotheque


-watched The Incredible Hulk.. not too bad compared with the last Hulk movie.Grrrrrr....!

Jun 9, 2008

iPhone 3G is out

but other than the 3G, GPS and some new software support thingie.. its pretty much the same as the last iPhone.

Jun 8, 2008

Classics in Lego - The Kiss on VJ Day

Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt, taken on V-J Day, 1945 (from Life Magazine).

Mr. Mike Stimpson 's version in Lego!

More classics in Lego in his flickr page. Awesoooome!

Jun 5, 2008

RON97 Up 40%

"harga minyak di Malaysia adalah antara yg terendah didunia.."
"ubah cara hidup mengikut keadaan semasa.."
"kerajaan tak mampu lagi menampung subsidi minyak..."

Sila repeat bila ada kesangsian dalam hatimu.. haha
get ready for the chain reaction...!