Jan 26, 2007

Catatan dinding gua zaman batu

Ha ah. Betul.

Aku tak mungkin dapat nak tipu diri sendirik. I still asked myself the same questions over and over again..

Why is this happening to me?

What did I do to deserve all these?

Where did I go wrong?

Devastated.Frustrated.Dissapointed.Totally.And it hurts like fuck.Gile babi nyer.

Hundreds of questions with no answers.Maybe my best isnt good enough or maybe its fate. Its not the decision to end it but it’s the lies that hurt the most.The deception. The bullshit ive been taking for god knows how long. I thought you know me more than I know myself, but I guess I was wrong… I will never understand the complication… but someday hopefully I will. As cliché as it sounds, thank you very much for the venom. Now I know how it taste like.

Thank you very much my fellow comrades..korang tau sape korang.. for shoving some sense inside this cluttered head and help me get up on my ass again.Yup, this sort of shit will open up our eyes to the world with a brand new perspective. Happy ending is for movies and fairy tales! Its better now than later…. kan?

p/s: untuk diri sendirik – Move on. Start fresh. 6 years and 8 days is nothing compared to your whole life ahead of you. As much as you wanted to hate her, she’s always be your first taste of life. It’s a lesson you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Everything happen for a reason. Looks can be deceiving. Some people
change but some some people stay the same.What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger...Prove it.


10 May 2003
Oasis : Don’t Look Back In Anger

(Artwork credit: When amour in the end by ~Simbelmine (from deviantart.com)

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