May 10, 2007

Our Tunes of the 90s - Shelter's Mantra!

Arguably the most melodic and most pop-ish(!!) release by Ray Cappo and the gang, its 1995 Mantra beb...! (Waktu ko dgn aku tgh terkial2 carik identiti, isap rokok pon nyorok dalam toilet). Dah lama aku carik mp3 dia, baru minggu lepas jumpa. Memang tak sama la dengan sound analog kaset dgr pakai Walkman Sony/Aiwa dulu (rewind kaset pakai pen) but come close. Lirik masih relevant + make more sense now that we got older..hehe..
Aku tau kaset korang dah barai.. All together

Here We Go

Just see he uses love for sex
And sure she uses sex for love
And they're both hoping for the best
I also have that dream you're thinking of
We place a blindfold on our eyes
Iron and gold appear the same
It's intense hope that makes us try so we go on and play the game

#And once again we get attached and think we've found the answer
Here we go again
Ran into many walls but I know I'll get that answer
Here we go again

We loved not wisely
We loved not wisely but too well......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(seterusnya sambung sendirik yah?)

Ape cite memember kita yg hardcore kental sxe / vegan / krishna core / etc. dulu?

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