Aug 24, 2007

The Origin

The moment he saw her alone.. coming out from the crowd,
dia rasa macam dalam scene Taxi Driver.
First time Travis Bickle nampak Betsy.. 4, 5 saat seterusnya, everything was in slow motion.

dia cakap dalam hati, dengan suara De Niro paling best dia penah buat;

They.. Cannot.. Touch.. Her..

Those lips...
She got these cutest lips.

It reminded him of something.

Apple merah favourite dia? bukan...
Sunrise paling cun dia penah nampak kat puncak Ledang dulu? Close.. tapi bukan jugak.
Dia terus carik carik but still he couldnt put a finger on it.

And then he got to know her a little.
Those lips are like cherry on a cake,
It makes the already sweet cake even more sweeeeeter.

Now he cant stop thinking of the cherry/lips.

Dia minum air seteguk buat tekak yg dah kering dari tadi.
He need to think of another fruit..durian, oren, mangga, avocado, whatever...
selagi bukan cherry.

Time for another hit.


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