May 11, 2008

All the news that fits

i) work has been very challenging lately. guess this is what happen when company are growing, the existing values sometime got thrown at the backseat.

ii) yup. i quit the band. It has been a cool ride for like...what 7,8 years? Thank you for the experience and all the best komrads. Lepas ni lepak Kg. Baru jgn tak nak ajak plak ah?

iii) got a pet tarantula.. a baby Grammostola Rosea @ Chilean Rose - named Lucyfur.

iv) got a black slim psp... just finished the awesome God Of War Chains of Olympus. (n82 will have to wait a lttle longer)

v) can you survive one week eating just fruits and a roti canai a day? didnt think so but a new colleague proved it can be done. Lost the bet and now need to buy the guy tandori chicken with mint rice tommorow.. isk.isk..

vi) got the tickets for Soilwork on the 25th. already appplied leave the next day so bleh rest kat umah rest tengkuk. need to start stretching!

vii) got interesting insights from some friends' relationship stories and prove some of my theories are right:

-You can give all you have, unfortunately unless the other person is on the same level of commitment as you are, it just wont work.
-how can a third person end up getting involved in a 'good/strong' relationship between two people is not a mystery. Both of them unconsciously let the third person in.
-Guys look at physicals. Girls look at materials. (well.. 99% of the time anyway.)
-it will be 10x complicated when family is involved. 100x complicated when sex is involved.
-Trust is a good thing... and a bad thing.
-Nice guys always finish last. We will just end up 'as a friend'. :-P
-$$$/carreer/material gains worth less when theres no one to share it with.
-You can try and try.. but if the other party is not willing to give you the chance, theres nothing you can do about it. Theres a difference between persistence and putting your dignity on the line.
-Baling hanset kat dinding masa tengah emo is not going to solve anything.CONFIRM
(tolak kat aku murah2 lagi elok beb.)

viii) watched some good movies : Paranoid Park, Before The Devils Know You're Dead, Lars and The Real Girl, Loose Change.Ironman is cool too but the new Batman aka Dark Knight sure lagi cooool punyer!

ix) still havent got the time to go buy the converse chuck taylor.. duh.

x) you guys are going to be parents. Congrats!

We love you, mums/mak/ibu/umi/mama!

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