Jul 20, 2008

The rare few

Once in a while among all the emails we received everyday, just a selected few stand out and tug your heartstrings (wow..big word) in an instance. Today i got one thot i share it with you. This one is from a friend/ colleague who took some time off from work few months back to take care of her parents. Unfortunately her parents passed away last month and shes back in the office to clear some backlogged stuff. Im sure everybody feel weird and dont exactly know how to react around her now... She send out this very nice email;
From: Anitha Hamid [mailto:anitha.hamid@peoplepotential.com]
Sent: Monday, July 21, 2008 9:21 AM
Subject: Tips on how to be around Anitha

Hi all,

I thought I’d write you guys as I think some of you may not know what to do or what to say…

You basically don’t need to say anything. I think there are situations that bring about feelings and emotions that words can’t quite convey, for which words have not yet been created for, and this is one of them. Having said that, please feel free to mumble a “I’m sorry for your loss” if it helps. That line still does not make sense to me, but as I have no better alternative at this point, it’ll have to do!

I do want you to know, that I have felt your prayers and your love help me through this time of my life. And I still feel them coming my way. Thank you.

I also need to warn you that in the coming weeks that I am in PP (at this point it looks like till end August, before I take time off to stat work on my mum’s project) I may suddenly burst into tears. Sometimes it’s a few tears gently rolling down my cheeks silently – quite elegant I must say. At other times, unfortunately, it is not a pretty sight.

AND it may happen in public - as I recently experienced in a nasi kandar restaurant in batu road.

AND anything can trigger them. I cry for things I have done with my parents that I will never do again in this lifetime. And I also cry for the things I never got to do…

Just as you have welcomed my laughter, please give space for my tears - don’t need to say or do anything - if I want to talk about it, I will. Please don’t be afraid of them and please don’t worry about me, because ultimately, I had one of the most wonderful and amazing journeys of my life.

See you later!

p/s If we have the time and a few of you want to, maybe we can do a lunch and share.


I dont know about you, but for me that is something.


Anonymous said...

Well, Holy Scriptures seem to bring silver edgars even for the very darkest clouds. It tells about the resurrection for those who has passed away. Actually, it kind of is in this lifetime, although it's a narrow road to half way there..

I once lost a near one, so I know it for a sensitive area. One tip would be not to bring those feelings (open the subject)- unless they already are. Especially if one was kind of semi familiar. Luckily, it comes rather rare..

PerverdZ said...

wow.. you had me at 'well'!
lets make babies together :)

Anonymous said...

Let's not! A hopeless romantic - how obvious does it get? No luck so far?? By the way, I'm male..

Referring to the subject, it's like you were shouting out by the side of a cemetery. Is that really necessary? It's also rude to interfere privacy!

PerverdZ said...

oww too bad.. if youre a girl we make a cute couple!

and yeah..im still working on that issue youre talking about.
this entry is about a year ago so i guess ive improve. :)

(now all my entry is boring...)