Nov 22, 2008

Are we human, or are we dancers

While the latest Keane's Perfect Symmetry going 80s ( aiseyy..wheres the sweet melancholy melodies?) and Snow Patrol's A Hundred Million Suns trying to be 'epic' (16min song? oh come on..nak jadi Dream Theater ke?), The Killers' latest Day and Age stick to the old formula in their last 2 release (3 if you count Sawdust)... and it works. Get ready nak dengar 1st single Human hari2 kat radio. Kalau suka The Killers dari dulu, this one wont dissapoint.

And speaking of Snow Patrol, i just heard Leona Lewis cover their song Run. I dont usually like pop stars butchering rock songs ( ingat Beyonce, Britney, and Pink cover "We Will Rock You"? arghhh rosak!) , but this one cool gak. She really can sing la.. I approved..haha.

always good to have some nice music to get through the @#$%^& week.


ansterdamn said...

suka juga the killers. hehehe.

PerverdZ said...

beli yg original beb.. support lah brandon flowers dan rakan2!

ansterdamn said...