Feb 14, 2007

V-Day Entry Special


Long Romances by K.

Sometimes the advice older people give you seems to be way out in left field, Voyeurwebbers, but sometimes all that experience produces a little wisdom.

Meet Frank and Anita Milford, Britain's longest-married couple, Voyeurwebbers. How long? They will soon celebrate their 79th wedding anniversary. Yep, they tied the knot back on May 26, 1928. The couple first met at a YMCA dance in 1926 and married two years later at Torpoint Register Office in Cornwall.

Still happily and lovingly married, the Milfords say their secret is to make time for a little romance every day. See what Eye means? Pure wisdom.

Frank Milford, 99, is a retired dock worker. "We do everything together even after nearly 80 years," he told reporters. "But we don't go in for big Valentine's Day gestures, being in love is something you do every day."

Anita, 98, added: "Couples these days don't last because they don't take enough time for each other, there isn't enough respect. Love is about give and take."

According to press reports, the Milfords have their eyes on the record for the longest-ever British marriage - set by Percy and Florence Arrowsmith, from Hereford, who were married 80 years.

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V-Day is
out. Single Awareness Day is in.



Truth behind Valentines

The primary motive behind Valentines is $$$money$$$. And plenty of it! Hallmark is cleverly cashing in on the sales of Valentines Day greeting cards. The same with people who sell flowers, Candy and cute cuddly bears. They all do this under the guise of something called Love.

They do this while making single people feel sad, degrading them. Society forces you to feel inadequate and less of a person because you are not involved in a "relationship". They alienate you because you choose to be celibate. They ostracize you because you are content with a romantic less relationship. They surround you with sickening displays of kissing, cupids, hearts, and public displays of affection until it forces you to puke!

Valentines has a bad effect on the general population of the human race. For example, instead of pleasantly surprising someone you care. People now expect gifts to be exchanged in a Valentine's ritual. Giving gifts to make someone feel special should have personal motives (motives of honestly trying to make that person feel good) not a ritual because society and people around you expect it.

When it comes down to it Valentines is a overrated capitalistic invention by Hallmark to make money with sick side affects of lowering self-esteem of many individuals.

more at http://www.miccah.com/xiaoxin/lie.htm


V-Day- The Origin:


Like it or not, this damn fucking day will be here again next year. I've been stupid in the past but i think im are wise enough today to think for myself what this v-day is all about.
I prefer to show my.. ehem.. affection in 100 other different ways ie; saying
thank yous; foot massage, remember important dates, give surprises bla.bla.bla. rather than become a total gentleman with roses, chocolate and all that shit for ONE day and act like a jerk for the rest of the year. Nuf said harharhar....

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