Mar 16, 2007

Black Light Burns coming to town!?

Excited shialll......
Wes Borland's new
alternative/goth rock band Black Light Burns is planning to play @ our Rock The World end of this year!!
check out their blog at
Something to look forward to.. seriously!!!

(Ok..ok.. aku pon penah layan Limp Bizkit masa muda2 dulu... 3 dollar bill y'all, Significant Other, Chocolate Starfish.... but then again, sape yg tak?)

Debut album diorg,
Cruel Melody akan berada di pasaran somewhere in June. ya.. sempat untuk beli dan hafal lyrics.
Tapi kalau pandai carik, dah leak dah pon kat your usual fav bittorrent sources... hehe...
(Beli yg original bile dah kluar nanti ok? muahaaha!)

Check out the 1st single Lie, and ade beberapa lagu lagi yg aku rasa sempoi macam 4 walls, Stop a bullet, Animal dgn lagu last sekali on the album (instrumental), Iodine Sky. Layaaaannn......

Tak yah nak bagi info lebih2 la... korang bleh carik sendirik!

I honestly think this band sound much much better than his previous band, Eat the Day and Big Dumb Face. Ada org cakap the songs sound like Nine Inch Nails rejected songs. To some extend ade gak betul kot sket2... but i dont really care
, I still like it!!.
(NIN is NIN, BLB is BLB lah...!)
And Wes Borland's persona fit the new band waaaaaayy more than in Limp Bizkit, in my opinion..
He knows he's a freak....
and he's loving it.

Just like you and me.

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probotx said...

wes borland ckp "please support ypur local band"