Jan 15, 2008

First Fever of the Year / The End is Near

hinguih tak benti2 meleleh ni, potong tul.
(tapi stim gak layan ubat ni huhuhu...)


in other news, the end is near for the format war. After CES 2008, nampak gaya Blu-Ray will become the next generation optical disc format. As PS3 steadily developing and maturing + all major studios supporting the format, this time next year maybe Blu-Ray akan sampai gak kat kita kot? Cepat2 mass produce, mintak2 murah la sket weh harga...!

Nota kaki:
Target gadget tahun ni
1. N82
2. Ipod Classic
3. PSP/Wii/PS3 ?
tak bleh tahan tgk org lain jek pakai!
(macam byk duit jek.huh.)

Macworld San Francisco 2008 is happening at this very moment,btw.
Let see what Steve got for us this time!
(its Macbook Air.. the so- called thinnest notebook in the world at the moment! look damn nice.. but with certain 'standard feature' takde, is it worth the price ke?)

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Sufian said...

PsP dude. Gua pun nak beli Psp. Petang ni...