Mar 29, 2008


Deng.. minggu2 ni terasa begitu pack siut. Pektis & the actual gig for Musik2, UPM and Skizo Headbang Fest on top of the usual work stuff. The coming monday i need to go for a strategic team meeting of some sort before Targets Meeting and Quarterly Performance Meeting. Materials need to be packed, boxes need to be send out, reports need to be done. DUH. Lebam..Lebam.

im gonna reward myself with a pair of Converse Leather Chuck Taylor if i survive all this in one piece! Argh!

*muka poyo sekor2 dapat salam Cheryl Samad . Makcik2 yg pengsan kerana terperanjat tgk aksi di atas stage sebentar tadi tidak kelihatan.


have a good journey and enjoy jepang, siput san.

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