Mar 9, 2008

The tribe has spoken

My vote was one of the millions votes that changed our political landscape yesterday. I wasted my one vote last election by not bothering to go out and thought ala.. tak effect pon satu vote aku tu..but not this time around.
I think the current powerhouse is getting tooo comfortable/sloppy* about certain issues and its about time they got a deserving good hard kick.
was it the right choice?
we'll see.

Found somewhere : There's no point complaining this and that on internet blogs/mamak/chatroom/forum , etc. but not bothering to register as voter and go out voting. In others word, you dont really have the rights to say anything if you dont vote.
(amacam.. terasa di provoke tak? hehe..)

aahh...going to miss all the beautiful sights and colourful flags...

Malaysiakini still down. Goddeng!

*further discussion over teh tarik + roti sadin / cappucino + brownies secret recipe boleh diatur.

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