Dec 1, 2008

Bangkok 100 Rock Festival cancel doww..

..but KL Rock The World is still on!
Adakah aku yg dah tua atau (except for Butterfingers) memang line up kali ni agak *yawn *yawn?


Chinese Democracy by Guns N Roses finally released! yahh..akhirnya!
So, ade ke tak classics macam Dont Cry, Civil War, Estranged and of coz November Rain dalam ni?
atau senang cite, is it worth the 16, 17 years wait after Use Your Illusion I & II??
Kalau tanya aku, aku akan cakap tak. You might as well called this Axl Rose Project Band. Its made up from berbelas sessionist musicians.. Magic original line up dia dah takde dah, bro.
BUT if you can get pass that, realized its 2008 and not the 1990s and didnt put too much expectation on it... you will find it is still a good one. Not a masterpiece, but you have to give it credit for trying. Ade lagu tajuk Catcher in The Rye beb. Overall, its actually not too bad!
Rating: *** 1/2 out of *****

Papehal jgn caya ckp aku.
Layan & buat review sendirik.


MELanies said...

okayla..secara ikhlas, sedap ke tak?

MELanies said...

owh..entry yg sama untuk rock the, jmpe di sanaaaaa.

Anonymous said...

tak lain dan tak bukan, kasi gua pinjam itu CD...