Feb 19, 2009

Filmmakers Anonymous 9

20 February 2009 Friday
800 PM

Contact: filmaholic@gmail.com

Website: www.filmmakersanonymous.blogspot.com

TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 80 MINUTES (discussion with filmmakers after)

Most films have English subtitles. The screening is free. The Annexe, Central Market is located walking distance from Pasar Seni Lrt. For more info please contact Anonymous at 012-6969455.

ps. if you are an addict yourself, please feel free to bring dvd copy of your film to the screening and pass to Anonymous.

More details

Support, jgn tak support!

(kalau sempat gue singgah usha movie lu maz. kalau tak nanti buat screening lagi sekali kat umah aku jek la huhu)

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