Feb 14, 2009

Sunburst 2009 : Preview

huh.. how much is the ticket? and whats the line up again?

Only NERD and Russian Winters (sapo nih?) for the main attraction. No offence to local/indo band, but last year line up was waay better. Butterfingers kata last performance ever kat Istana Budaya ari tu. ni camner bleh ada sini? ada band yg last year dah main, this year main lagik? emm...

They build the hype all over this thing but failed to deliver. Kata ada Coldplay, Prodigy, Lupe Fiasco, etc? aisey..Im one of the dissapointed people bro.. was expecting something better than last year but not this :(

the poster is quite cool though.

Kita layan Jamiroquai jek la kat F1 Sepang nanti amacam?


MELanies said...


propot said...

ada korn beb

Prvdz said...

korn dah kureeng ah siut. Silveria dgn Head dah blah.!