Feb 3, 2008

FT Day Weekend Mixbag

# a long due private psychedelic reel with Kam & Pijie. Its been awhile since the last time i/we had one...tx alot for the company, stories, laughs and bands recommendation (Reverend and the Makers bleh tahan cool!). Sorry beb, Eagle Nest gua bersepah sket!

*Some good movies : King of California, 2 Days in Paris, Wristcutters - A Love Story, The West Wittering Affair, Lions for Lambs, The Nines, Adrift in Manhattan, The Brave One.

~And not so good ones : The Comebacks, The Ten, Nitro.. blurgh.

^Usha-usha info IELTS. ( Damn mahal siut. nasib baik bleh claim...)

% had a quick drink with an ex colleague whos down in KL/JB for a few days for CNY celebration (She
married an american she met in match.com, now based in Guam.. lucky girl!).. and she got this for me! Tx You, Margaretttt........!!!

@Survived another family + sedara mara gathering thingie. (oh man, how come they never run out of ammo..?)

This coming weekend will be loong one too. Hope it will be as mixed up as this one..

+Got the Basement Recordz tshirt and You Wanna Gum, Sol-jah? book in the mail this morning.. ahh this monday is not bad at all!

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probot_x said...

bila bole dpt tshirt?