Feb 28, 2008

World Press Photo of The Year - Spot News: 1st prize stories

The Assassination of Benazir Bhutto
Rawalpindi, Pakistan, 27 December 2007

"I turned on my flash, but just before resetting the lens, I turned and glanced back at her car.

Just then I heard three shots, which sounded as if they were fired from close to her car. I watched her drop down through the sunroof, and I raised my camera, my finger pressed down on the shutter release.

Just as the camera came up in front of my face, the bomb went off.

The suicide bomber had set off his charge behind her car. My camera caught the blast itself and the horrible debris it spewed into the air: pieces of car, chunks of cement, human flesh. The boom was deafening, but her car - and the bodies of her supporters - shielded me from the force of the blast. I was about 20 yards from the explosion, maybe less.

The bomb triggered an immediate stampede of survivors and I was momentarily swept up in the exodus. I shot a blur of people as I too got pushed back in the wave of panic...."

text + photo from the photographer's news blog


the rest of the series + lagi dan lagi gambar sempoi2 World Press Photo kat sini!

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